Any Human Heart

NBC Universal, Channel 4 and Carnival Films awarded Helen James Productions the contract to produce 40 minutes of special features about the making of Any Human Heart for the DVD.

HJP also produced an EPK, DVD marketing interviews with the cast and crew and a video to promote the DVD on retailers' websites. Our interviews with Jim Broadbent, Matthew Macfadyen, Sam Claflin, Hayley Atwell, Gillian Anderson, Tom Hollander, Kim Cattrall and writer William Boyd are also showcased on the Channel 4 website.

Jim Broadbent, Matthew Macfadyen and Sam Claflin all take on the role of writer Logan Gonzago Mountstuart portraying different stages of his ordinary and yet extraordinary life, through every decade of the twentieth century. Boyd’s four part adaptation of his best-selling epic novel covers a life lived to the full and a myriad of historical events seen through the eyes of one man.

Throughout his life it is Logan’s personal relationships which define him; through numerous flirtations and affairs to finding true love. Boyd’s epic tale charts an entire existence and in doing so reveals that all our lives are ultimately random, defined by luck and seemingly inconsequential choices. As Logan himself says, “I am all of these different people. All these different people are me.”

NBC Universal: "Exclusive, stunning special features."

Lynn Horsford: Producer: Any Human Heart

"It was a complete pleasure to work with Helen. Inevitably our filming time was very pressured, but she always managed to get the interviews without interrupting the filming. By asking just the right questions she got the actors and crew to give honest, interesting replies. Her perseverance and attention to detail really paid off with a meticulous EPK. So often "bonus features" are just a few out-takes, but with Helen they really are an important addition to the DVD."

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